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Welcome to the Member Page


This page contains a few items pertaining to general membership information for your reference.



Our primary means of communication will be the member newsletter. However, there are other ways to engage with our group and to stay informed.

The Newsletter-  is sent every other week or once a month with information on upcoming events and it has some items of encouragement. Once you are an Ithaca LEAH member, you are added to our Mail Chimp newsletter list. If you accidentally unsubscribe to the newsletter, please email Heather at heather.woodie(at)ithacaleah(dot)org. I’ll send you a link to opt back in to our newsletter.

Email– We use email to communicate time sensitive things as well as information about Co-op. You may get email from the Chapter Leaders, the Membership Secretary, and the Co-op Committee.

Listserve–  Our listserv is hosted by our web host provider. The purpose of the listserv is for members to share information with other members. It’s a great way to sell used curriculum, let people know about opportunities and events, and to send a note to our membership.

Public Facebook Page– We do have a public Facebook page in order to keep an organization presence there. We do not publish information on specific events and LEAH happenings there. It’s more of a place to point new comers and those moving to the area to this website. The detailed posts and engagement are found in the private Facebook group.

Private Facebook Group– This page is a place for families on Facebook to communicate. If you would like to join our Ithaca LEAH Facebook group, you must be a member. Search for the group and request to join. New members will also be sent an invitation.

This Website–  You can refer to the calendar here at along with locating basic information on group life.

Book Club Support


A book club focusing on homeschooling which meets four weeks in a row in the fall, spring, and possibly winter is where we will plan our support. We will read a text and discuss its impact on our homeschooling.

We will meet in October, 2017 for the first four Tuesdays from 7-9 PM at Christ Chapel in Ithaca. If you have questions, please contact Heather Woodie at .



The Ithaca Community LEAH Bylaws were passed in the Spring of 2015 and updated Spring of 2016. At the request of the state LEAH organization, each chapter was tasked with writing their own bylaws. Ours were begun in 2010 when we formed our Covenant and adopted the Statement of Faith and were completed in 2015. If you have questions about the bylaws, please email Dan or Heather.


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