Encouraging a Reading Culture in Your Homeschool

Encouraging a Reading Culture in Your Homeschool

Reading is one of the most important skills we teach our children. Whether they begin early or late, through struggles or with ease, that’s the first big academic hurdle for us as homeschool moms. So, how do we build in a culture of reading within our homes? What resources are available to help us? Below are some tips, resources, and strategies for making reading a priority no matter the age or stage of your students.

My Favorite Books about Books

There’s no shortage of books written about books. Here are a few of my favorites. Each one of them has different ways of encouraging us to make books a part of our family culture and some of them have annotated bibliographies which are helpful in choosing good books.

Resources on Reading from around the Web

There is a treasure trove of excellent resources on reading just a few clicks away. If you need some quick inspiration, I encourage you to check out these websites and articles on reading with your kids.

How do you approach reading in your homeschool? As parents, we get the privilege of guiding our kids in their reading. Be encouraged and inspired with your readers today!

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