Homeschool Art Inspiration

Homeschool Art Inspiration

Raise your hand if you love art! Sometimes finding just the right resources for doing art in homeschool can be a challenge. Today I’m sharing ideas & resources for Homeschool Art Inspiration. We have used all of these from time to time.

Favorite Homeschool Art Websites

These are a few of my favorites places to find art ideas, tutorials, instructions, and projects.

  • Hodgepodge– Tricia and her mom Nana, put together wonderful chalk pastel projects for readers. You don’t want to miss their tutorials. They make everyone an artist!
  • Harrington Harmonies– Stephanie is a very creative homeschool mom and a blogging friend of mine. She posts very detailed art project ideas for artist studies and history. If you subscribe to her blog, you get the best newsletters every week full of ideas to use with your kids
  • Harmony Fine Arts– Many of us know Barb because of her Nature Study blog, but she writes curriculum and posts projects for fine arts as well. Barb hosts Sketch Tuesday which is a weekly drawing prompt for families. If you participate and send her a picture of your work, she includes it in her weekly slideshow.
  • Art Projects for Kids– This blog is written by an elementary art teacher and her projects are very doable.
  • My Pinterest Art Idea Board– If you are on Pinterest, I have a whole board dedicated to art ideas. Click through to find lots of projects!

Homeschool Art Inspiration

Online Art Classes

Rebecca and I have participated in online art classes. Have you tried any?

  • Painting Trees in Acrylic from Craftsy– This is a fabulous class all about trees. If you like to nature journal, this artist instructor talks about each element of a tree and how it can be drawn.
  • Mixed Media Art Workshops– from Flourish. We have enjoyed working in these classes together. Right now she has a new class each season and you have access for one year.

Fun Art Projects to Try

You might consider dusting off the art supplies and trying out some art projects to beat cabin fever this month! Here are a few ideas:

Must Have Art Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool

Art Supplies

What sorts of art supplies do you need to have on hand? As your children mature, so should their art supplies. Cheap supplies can be frustrating even to young artists.

Must Have Supplies for a Project Based Homeschool– A post all about art supplies. You’ll find what we have on hand for art from a young age on up. I mention storage and the benefits of good supplies. If you don’t know where to start, this is a great resource!

At our house, we have the YES supplies which can be accessed any time without me and those which do need some supervision for the younger crowd. I encourage you to teach your kids about good supply behavior from the start. It’s a bummer to be told no all the time because mom doesn’t want to pull out the fun stuff. Try having a stash that’s ok without mom. You will all appreciate it!

What are your favorite art resources?

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