Spelling Bee News 2014-2015


The spelling bee organizers are ready to announce this year’s spelling bee events! If you have any questions about any of the bee opportunities, please contact Colleen Richards or Kathy Platz.

Spelling Bee Opportunities 2014-2015


The Spelling Bee committee is proposing the following spelling bee opportunities! Here is an outline of them, keep reading towards the bottom for the details. Registration information is at the end of this email.

Also, we are looking for some other parents who would like to help us organize the January Bee and the Elementary Bee.

We are proposing 3 spelling bees.

  1. A Preliminary Bee of parents vs students including a Question & Answer session about spelling bees. Thursday, October 23, 7pm in the white building at Bethel Grove Bible Church. This would be appropriate for all ages. A good opportunity for parents and students to learn about spelling bees.
  2. Our second annual Ithaca Community LEAH Spelling Bee, a local bee of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Program. Thursday, January 15, 7pm in the sanctuary of Bethel Grove Bible Church. This bee is open to any student up through 8th grade. We will be starting the bee with 5th grade words.
  3. This spring the first annual Ithaca LEAH Elementary Bee open to students in the 1st – 4th grades (maybe 5th, also). Date and place to be determined.

Family Fun Preliminary Bee


Preliminary Bee and Question & Answer session
Thursday, October 23, 7 pm
White building, Bethel Grove Bible Church
appropriate for any grade level 1st – 8th

We held this bee and Q&A session last year. It was a great way to introduce the idea of a spelling bee and how they work. We divided into the two teams – parents vs students. The students were asked words to spell based on their grade. We had an actual list of words from rounds 2&3 of the National Spelling Bee that we asked the parents. The bee ended in a tie, each side spelled the same number of words correctly. (No one was eliminated for a misspelling). There was quite a bit of conversation during the bee about spelling bees.

The Second Annual Ithaca Community LEAH Spelling Bee


Thursday, January 15, 7 pm
Bethel Grove Bible Church sanctuary
optional vocabulary test at 6:30.
targeting students up through 8th grade who can spell at 5th grade level or above

We have registered again this year with Scripps to hold an official local bee as part of the Scripps Spelling Bee program. The top two spellers of our bee go on to the Corning Regional Bee held in March. The winner of the regional bee advances to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

Last year our spellers ranged from the 3rd grade through the 8th grade. It was actually a 3rd grader who won our bee! The students had done a wonderful job learning the words and we had an excellent, long lasting bee.

Proposed Ithaca LEAH Elementary Bee


Target group – students in 1st – 4th grades, possibly 5th
Date in the spring
Time and place to be determined- could be during the day or in the evening
We’re looking for parents to help organize this bee with us

The format of this bee would be different from the bee in January. Students would be asked words only from their own grade level (1st graders would get 1st grade words, 2nd graders would get 2nd grade words, etc). There would be no elimination for a misspelling. All students would spell in all the rounds. Depending on the number of students signed up, there would probably be only 4 or 5 rounds. Spellers would earn points for the correctly spelled words then be awarded prizes based on the number of points. (small prizes – pencils, erasers, small candies . . .) There could be an optional vocabulary test if the parents would like the student to participate in that.

Email Kathy P. if you are interested in this bee. There will be a $5 registration fee per student ($10 max per family) to help cover the costs of the materials from Scripps and prizes.

Kathy will email you information about signing up for The Teacher’s BEEhive, a biweekly email newsletter from Scripps where you can find words of the week from the national finals pronouncer Dr. Bailly, plus ideas and tips to help your students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, and learn concepts.

Plan on joining in this year for the bee!

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